Garden Machinery Servicing, Repairs and Parts


Garden machinery servicing and repairsServicing of your garden or estate machinery is necessary to ensure it is safe to use. It will also make it work noticeably better, putting less strain on the engine and belts. Preventative maintenance helps to avoid breakdowns during the season and will prolong the life of the machine by a considerable amount.


As a Manufacturer approved after sales specialist we are able to offer fixed priced servicing during your products warranty period, please phone for details.


We offer the following:-


Mower sparesWe are probably already supplying to and helping people in your area, so why not give us a call on either 01372 450990 to discuss any potential purchase or servicing requirement you may have.


Spare Parts and Accessories

We stock a wide range of spare parts for garden machinery including batteries, blades, belts, tyre sealant, spark plugs and anything not in stock can normally be obtained in 1-3 days.


Accessories such as grass deflector chutes for tractors, towed rollers, tipping trailers and tow bars are all stocked or easily obtained.